Yorkie Puppies of Colorado

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Joe and BentaOur love affair with Yorkies started over 35 years ago. We owned a business in New York where we groomed and boarded dogs so we came in contact with many breeds. We also showed poodles and an Afghan. But once we owned a Yorkie we were convinced we had found the perfect breed for us. We also started to show our Yorkies and finished several champions. But after our third child came along we decided to take a break from showing and breeding to raise our children. Later, our nest was empty so in 1999 we built a house in Parker, Co. and we decided to start showing and breeding Yorkies again. We hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful family, mostly females, but we have one champion male to keep the girls in line. Their pictures are in the photo gallery. You are also welcome to come by and visit us if you are considering a Yorkie.








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