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We found the Martucci’s website while researching for Yorkies to buy in Colorado, we loved the looks of her adult females and puppies. We purchased two female puppies five years ago, We drive 60 miles to have Bente groom them and she also boards them for us, we would not take them anywhere else because of the love and care she gives them.

Each Yorkie is born and cared for with love, they are high quality, beautiful, healthy Yorkie puppies. We are looking forward to that third puppy we will be purchasing in the near future.

Phil & Sharon Sprino

Callie & Abby

I have two Yorkies that I purchased from Bente and Joe Martucci at TamJam Kennels. First, my pet female named Catie has been full of vim and vigor from the start and continues to be very playful at age 8. She has a beautiful coat, good conformation, disposition and is full of love. She is great with other dogs and children. She has never had any health problems and I attribute that to great breeding/bloodlines and her care., My second female, Cassie, is 4 years old and is quite the opposite in temperament. She is the consummate lap dog and always by my side. She was a show dog and earned all first places and one second to her litter mate named Carrie. She recently had five fabulous puppies and she was a very good mamma.

All puppies sold quickly as Bente generally has a waiting list for her bloodlines. Cassie has a fabulous coat, sweet and somewhat timid disposition yet is full of love for me and all who meet her. Together they live with Carlie who is a 9 year old Labrador and they get along famously. Their favorite thing to do is go to the park and run wild and free together. Bente and Joe have always felt like family as they welcome you to their home to visit with prospective puppies that you are considering. They socialize them, love on them and give them the greatest care and nutrition that is so important for dogs. You can’t go wrong if you purchase a dog from TamJam—my only regret is that I can’t have more!

Sue Wade

Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie Puppies

Dear Bente,

Just a note to thank you for having sold me Lulu. I am so glad you are raising dogs that have the same temperment, size and appearance. She is just the sweetest dog I have ever had. Lulu really is my constant companion and especially since I have been so incapacitated. I just gave your name and address to a young man who wants to get a yorkie for his wife. In fact I have given your name to several people. I hope they get in touch with you. I can't thank you enough.

love Nikki   (Denver, CO)

Bente and Joe are registered and experienced AKC breeders that you can have 100% faith in. They love all of their dogs/puppies unconditionally and it's obvious when you meet them. They go to great lengths to make sure the dogs/puppies are healthy and happy, and that the puppies go to good homes.

My husband, Todd and I can't say enough about our beautiful little Yorkies, Turbo and Tori. Both puppies have absolutely gorgeous features; Turbo has a beautiful lion's face and Tori has a cute little fox face. Their coats are silky and shiny, (which many people have commented on numerous times). Their personalities fit them perfectly.

Turbo and Tori
Turbo & Tori

Turbo is our protective lover boy, who just wants to snuggle and kiss all the time, especially with his mom. Tori is our spunky, little girl who keeps Turbo on his toes and running in circles. She is all about playing, teasing and lots of kisses. She is the ultimate "Daddy's Girl." These two cute fur balls have brought such joy and happiness to our family! Our grown, (human) children tell everyone they have been replaced with these two little ones. :)))

Todd, Kim, Turbo and Tori

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that Friedel is doing well here in the U.K. It is not the same as in San Francisco – with the awful weather – but she goes on dog walks and I am trying to start a small dog social for her. My husband is so in love with her and she is a pleasure to have. I really think I’ve got the most beautiful Yorkie in the whole of England. Just wanted to say thank you such for her.




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